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What’s my favorite word? BITCH! Last issue, the theme among all those we interviewed was versatility. This issue’s common denominator is longevity. You might even call the interviewees in this eleventh issue legends. First up is Bay Area rap pioneer and the godfather of pimp rap, Too $hort. Crafting his art since the age of 14, Too $hort has been around for more than twenty years and still remains to be relevant today. Building a solid foundation in the Bay Area rap scene beginning in his early teen years, San Quinn continues to be a mainstay and positive force for the younger generation. For almost thirty years, Cope 2 has been getting up in the streets on a consistent basis and now has made a professional career out of his art. He talks to Clout about his beginnings as a writer and gives us some words on his inspirations, crews, beef and the state of graffiti today. On the cover, you’ll find a pin-up lizard girl unmistakably illustrated by the legendary skateboard artist Todd Bratrud. You wouldn’t know it from reading his interview but he’s been drawing and skateboarding for two decades and has contributed countless graphics to the scene. Graffiti writer GESO made his way onto the scene 16 years ago and has one of the most unique styles. Following the road less traveled, GESO’s got a style and attitude all his own.You’ll also find a Q&A with the creator of innovative brand Two In The Shirt, Marek Grubel, who is bringing tastefully provocative graphics on tees season after season. And as always, a solid selection of great photos of walls, freights and city streets from coast to coast as well as product and fashion features.

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